Unseen Plays: The Abbey Theatre Podcast

Fiona was delighted to join the cast of The Image by Lady Gregory and The Words Upon the Window Pane by W.B. Yeats, directed by Sarah Jane Scaife. A series of recordings of Irish plays which are rarely produced and explores the reasons why some may have been overlooked by history. Also starring:

Bryan Burroughs: Costello

Declan Conlon: Hosty

Fionnuala Gygax: Stage Directions

Marcus Lamb: Thomas Coppinger

Fiona Lucia McGarry: Mrs. Coppinger & composed the melody of the song

Máire Ní Ghráinne: Peggy

Ian O’Reilly: Mannion

Don Wycherley: Malachi

The Words Upon the Window Pane:

William Butler Yeats: Writer

Sarah Jane Scaife: Director

Bryan Burroughs: Cornelius Patterson

Declan Conlon: Abraham Johnson

Fionnuala Gygax: Miss McKenna

Fiona Lucia McGarry: Stage Directions

Máire Ní Ghráinne: Mr. Mallett

Helen Norton: Mrs. Henderson

Ian O’Reilly: John Corbett

Don Wycherley: Dr. Trench

  • Curator: Professor Christopher Morash
  • Audio Recording: Windmill Lane Recording Studios



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