Recent Productions


The Long Christmas Dinner at Abbey Theatre 

Directed by Sarah-Jane Scaife and Raymond Keane

Unseen Plays: Word Upon the Window Pane & The Image

Unseen Plays

Twitch by Sarah Jane Scott Druid FUEL Artist

The Druid FUEL showcase 2019 is an evening of theatre-in-the-making at from artists Elaine Mears, Tara Breathnach, Sarah Jane Scott and Mags Keohane.

We Lived in Cities

Madra Mor, BK Pepper & Generic People. Cork Film Festival 2015. Tiger Dublin Fringe Festival 2015.


“Fiona Lucia McGarry gave the best performance, eased by the fact that O’Rowe gives B the most intimate and personal role. McGarry tells her own story with a wonderfully casual tone, gushing over a flirtation in a pub and releasing after sex with her worm-soul saviour.” – unnamables

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