Graffiti present ‘Generation Revolution’ a new play by Raymond Scannell

Graffiti Theatre Company present: ‘Generation Revolution’, a new play by Raymond Scannell with Fiona Lucia McGarry as Eleanor directed by Emelie Fitzgibbon.

What is ‘a rebel’? What is a ‘rebel act’? And what happens to the children of the revolution, to those who inherit the legacy?

Eleanor is a rebel – against family, against school, society norms, against everything. Given a book written by the daughter of Terence MacSweeney, she sets off on a gothic quest for answers to questions.

Raymond Scannell’s exciting and provocative new play, Generation Revolution, is a quirky take on rebellion, inheritance and identity. It is where magic realism and history blend.

This exciting new production will be available to post-primary schools, youth theatres and members of the public from 21st November 2016 – 9th December 2016 and will be performed in Graffiti’s Theatre in Blackpool, Cork as follows:

Monday 21st November –Friday 9th December 10.00am & 2.00pm: School performances.

Thursday 24th November, 1st & 8th December 8.00pm: Youth Theatre and Public performances.

Tickets: €7 per student €10 per adult (teachers and youth leaders admitted free of charge). Maximum number per performance: 65. Target age: 15 +

Please phone 021 4397111 or email for more information.




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